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Outdoor Elixir Slate Pool Dining Table | Various Finishes


Full Description

Welcome to the new age of British Made Quality English Pool Tables…

Exclusive to Home Pool Tables, Funky Munky Fabrications (FMF) offer a wide variety of contemporary pool tables designed for the modern home.

FMF’s goal is to leave no stone unturned in terms of quality and finish on all of their range of tables without resorting to cost cuttings and enhancing aspects of the tables overlooked in the past to create the best pool tables (made in the UK) on the market today.

Quality and attention to detail is at the forefront of their designs and with a plethora of quality Egger laminates and custom options to choose from we are confident you will be able to find your perfect pool table that will bring enjoyment for your family & friends for years to come.


Outdoor Elixir Pool Dining Table Features 


  • Marine Plywood Construction – to help ensure protection of the table in different weather conditions, this material ensures longevity in your table compared to indoor versions as can withstand the elements.


  • Stainless Steel Metal Leg Construction – for improved rigidity/stability and prevents rusting of the table legs over time.


  • Hidden Retractable Central Ball Drawer – this prevents eye sores of pool ball collection area openings which can be a detractor for customers when converted to a dining table. The retractable drawer overcomes this problem and is positioned centrally to ensure your legs wont come into contact with the drawer underneath the table.

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  • Slate Bed Steel Beams Support Construction – ensuring the playing surface is fully supported, this helps prevent levelling issues over time.


  • Premium Egger Laminate Table Finishes – variety as standard with custom options available to create your bespoke look, step up in quality to laminates of the past with increased durability and texture. Check out our different Elixir table finishes to see options available. May be an image of text that says "EGGER"
  • Hingeless Top Frame – improves playability by ensuring a more consistent bounce on all sides of the table.


  • Brushed Stainless Steel Metal Corner Caps – to improve durability as appose to plastic corners (now a standard option)


  • Low Profile Steel Cushion Rail –helps with cueing and creates improved ball response and acoustics.

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  • Newly Developed Pocket Liner – created to help prevent the pool balls bouncing out the pocket on hard struck shots.


  • 4 Bolt Cushion Fixings –as appose to 3 on standard tables to create more consistent bounce from all cushions.


  • Hidden Rubber Padded Adjustable Foot – to improve aesthetics, allow the table to be levelled and ensure no damage to your floor.


  • 3/4″ Brazilian Slate Bed Playing Surface – to ensure maximum playability.


  • Glass Table Tops – supplied as standard in 2 pieces which are toughened with a grey tint. This improves aesthetics and provides UV protection to help prevent your cloth from bleaching by the sun.


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  • Quality Accessories as Standard – x4 Deluxe Ash Cues, Aramith Premier Pool Balls, Triangle, Outdoor Table Cover, Table Brush, and Colour Coded Chalk.


  • Choice of Outdoor Cloth Colours – Elite Pro Cloth Colour range from Hainsworth UK at no extra charge.


Elite pro thumbnail



  • Matching Accessories –  The Table Top Stand secures your glass tops, ensuring no damage whilst playing pool. This also helps complete the look of your outdoor area as the stand will match your table.

Please Note. The Table Top Stand must be stored indoors and/or used outdoors on dry days.


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Table Top Stand – 695 mm  x 185 mm x 185 mm

(length x width x height)

Size Guide

Minimum Room Dimensions
Table Type Using 48″ Cue Using 52″ Cue Using 57″ Cue
Imperial (feet) Metric (metres) Imperial (feet) Metric (metres) Imperial (feet) Metric (metres)
Length Width Length Width Length Width Length Width Length Width Length Width
6ft English Pool Table 13′ 7″ 11′ 4.14 3.35 14′ 3″ 11′ 8″ 4.34 3.56 15′ 1″ 12′ 6″ 4.60 3.81
7ft English Pool Table 14′ 4″ 11′ 4″ 4.37 3.45 15′ 12′ 4.57 3.66 15′ 10″ 12′ 10″ 4.83 3.91
8ft English Pool Table 15′ 4″ 11′ 10″ 4.67 3.61 16′ 12′ 6″ 4.88 3.81 16′ 10″ 13′ 4″ 5.13 4.06
7ft American Pool Table 14′ 10″ 11′ 7″ 4.52 3.53 15′ 6″ 12′ 3″ 4.72 3.73 16′ 4″ 13′ 1″ 4.98 3.99
8ft American Pool Table 15′ 8″ 12′ 4.78 3.66 16′ 4″ 12′ 8″ 4.98 3.86 17′ 2″ 13′ 6″ 5.23 4.11
9ft American Pool Table 16′ 8″ 12′ 6″ 5.08 3.81 17′ 4″ 13′ 2″ 5.28 4.01 18′ 2″ 14′ 5.54 4.27
6ft Snooker Table 14′ 1″ 11′ 1″ 4.29 3.38 14′ 9″ 11′ 9″ 4.50 3.58 15′ 7″ 12′ 7″ 4.75 3.84
7ft Snooker Table 15′ 1″ 11′ 7″ 4.60 3.53 15′ 9″ 12′ 3″ 4.80 3.73 16′ 7″ 13′ 1″ 5.05 3.99
8ft Snooker Table 16′ 1″ 12′ 1″ 4.90 3.68 16′ 9″ 12′ 9″ 5.11 3.89 17′ 7″ 13′ 7″ 5.36 4.14
9ft Snooker Table 17′ 4″ 12′ 10″ 5.28 3.91 18′ 13′ 6″ 5.49 4.11 18′ 10″ 14′ 4″ 5.74 4.37
10ft Snooker Table 18′ 4″ 13′ 4″ 5.59 4.06 19′ 12′ 5.79 4.27 19′ 10″ 14′ 10″ 6.05 4.52
12ft Snooker Table 20′ 4″ 14′ 4″ 6.20 4.37 21′ 15′ 6.40 4.57 21′ 10″ 15′ 10″ 6.65 4.83



FMF Pool Table Delivery 

Your pool table will be delivered and installed by a minimum of 2 experienced fitters nationwide.


Delivery & Installation 

Our skilled team of fitters will deliver your pool table to the ground floor of your property in component form and assemble the pool table in your room. The table will also be professionally levelled. If you require the pool table to be installed above or below ground this can be done for an additional charge. We strongly advise utilising this service for peace of mind and a timely professional build so you can shoot some pool straight away.

For tight staircases and room openings or attics/basements a dry build/flat pack pool table may be the only option for installation. If you think this applies regarding your property please contact the showroom and our experts can discuss and advice the best course of action.

Please Note. Delivery Only available on this product but only recommended for shipping / crating purposes.


Estimated Lead Times 


England & Wales 

FMF tables are held in stock and on average take 2-6 weeks for delivery/installation in England & Wales. Some custom options can increase the lead-time to 4-8 weeks on occasion.

The timescale can vary for remote regions, see our terms and conditions for more information.

A date and time will be provided 3/5 days prior to delivery of your pool table and will be a weekday delivery.



FMF Pool Tables will be on average 2-4 weeks for delivery/installation in Scotland. Some custom options can increase the lead-time to 4-6 weeks on occasion.

The timescale can vary for remote regions in the Highlands/Islands, see our terms and conditions for more information.

A date and time for delivery will be provided for bespoke tables upon arrival at our warehouse and if already in stock a date and time will be provided within a few working days with some exceptions for remote areas. Tables are delivered Monday – Friday between 9am to 4pm in Scotland.


Northern Ireland / Ireland / Europe 

A shipping quote can be obtained for delivery by contacting our showroom.

Installation services may be limited for these locations.


Please Note.

Some additional accessories may arrive prior to your pool table via courier.

Accessory Packs

Deluxe Accessory Pack 

  • x4 Ash Quality Cues
  • Aramith Premier Pool Balls *
  • Triangle
  • Outdoor Table Cover
  • Table Brush
  • Colour Coded Chalk


* Surcharge applies for some colours

Aramith Balls

What Is An Aramith Pool Ball?

Standard Ball on the left, Aramith ball on the right.

Aramith balls made by Saluc are considered to be the best quality pool balls available on the market today. Made out of pure phenolic resin instead of hard plastic, the balls are significantly more durable than standard balls found in pubs lasting up to 5 times longer. The phenolic resin material produces a more aesthetically pleasing finish with increased shine which stands out when used on pool tables and are more suitable for use in your home. The material used also reduces the likelihood of the balls fading, discolouring, cracking or chipping over the course of time. For over 5 decades, Aramith has lived up to its incredible reputation for producing the best pool balls and continues to be the most widely played ball by pool professionals and in competitions around the world.

Choose from a range of Aramith Balls as an upgrade including Red & Yellows, Blue & Yellows and Spots & Stripes.

(Note. Included with the Deluxe Accessory Pack)

See our full range of Pool Balls for some Special Coloured Aramith Pool Balls.

Snooker Balls

Snooker Balls & Cloth Marking Option

At Home Pool Tables we provide the option to include a set of Snooker Balls (Standard & Aramith quality) for a variation of games.

If selected you have the choice to have your pool table marked accordingly with a ‘D’ at the top of the table and spots placed for respective coloured snooker balls.

The set also includes a Snooker Triangle and 2 Player Scoreboard.

Please note. Snooker Balls will be the same size as your Pool Balls.


Length (cm) 188 211
Width (cm) 109 119
Height (cm) 80 80
Playing Surface Area (cm) 160 x 81 183 x 91
Cabinet Depth (cm) 16 16
Net Weight (kg) 225 265


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