Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below a list of some of the most frequently asked questions which we are asked.
If you have any questions which are not covered on this page please contact us.

Who are Home Pool Tables?

We are Scotland’s favourite supplier of pool tables for the home. We have the largest selection of pool and snooker tables in Scotland all available to view in our Hamilton showroom. Our team are experts in the game and can tell you everything you need to know to help you select the perfect pool table.

Will the pool table fit my room?

With a variety of sizes available it’s very likely that we’ll have a pool table which is just the right size for your room. Remember that you need room for the table itself and enough space to be able to play your shots comfortably using an appropriately sized cue. This can make or break your game so it’s always worth your time to speak with one of our experts regarding the correct sized table for your room.

What else should I know before I buy?

Our team will explain everything and ask all the appropriate questions prior to sale. So, aside from perhaps the size of your room, you don’t need to know anything to get in touch.

You may wish to consider in advance whether you would like to play American Pool or British Pool. The difference is explained below.

American or British pool. What’s the difference?

You may not be aware but the game of pool played in America is different from the one play here in Britain. American pool is played with larger balls and as a result requires a bigger table with wider pockets. You also use a cue with a larger tip (13mm). By contrast British pool is played with smaller balls, a smaller table with narrower pockets and a cue with a smaller tip (9mm).

The table surface is also different. The fabric on a British table is usually wool based and has a “nap” i.e. a slightly hairy texture. This slows the ball as it rolls making for a slower game overall. The American table surface on the other hand is woven and has no nap. This smoother surface has less drag on the ball making for a faster game.

There are other more subtle differences such as the curvature of the pockets which effect how easy it is to pot balls from certain angles. This can all be explained in store or over the phone. Both games are fun, challenging and equally popular so it is purely a matter of personal preference.

Do you do snooker tables?

Yes we also do snooker tables starting at 7 feet up to 12 feet full sized professional tables.

What is the cost of delivery?

Delivery and installation costs are variable and you will be quoted a competitive prices on completion of a site survey. We can install your table and set it up perfectly so it’s ready to play straight away. All of this will be agreed prior to completion of the sale. Please contact us for further information.

What does my pool table come with?

All tables featured in this website come complete with balls, cues, triangle and chalk. Everything you need to play. Our full installation service is also available, price subject to site survey.

Do you have a showroom?

Yes, we do. We have one of Scotland’s best collections of pool and snooker tables available to see at our Hamilton showroom. You’ll find us at 105 Bothwell Road, Hamilton, Scotland, ML3 0DW. Visit our showrooms page for a 360° tour of our store.

Do you install your pool tables?

Yes. Our professional table installation team will deliver your table and install it with expert precision. Slate top tables are very heavy so our team are the best way to ensure a fast and safe installation. The table is installed into the room of your choice and accurately levelled so you can begin playing straight away. Price subject to site survey.

I have a table but need it moved. Can you help?

Yes. We offer an expert pool table moving service. Our experienced team will deconstruct your table, move it to the new location and rebuild it again. The table is reset and levelled at the new location so it’s immediately ready to play.

I have a worn out table which needs recovered can you help?

Yes we can recover your table in a range of colours with a choice of fabrics available. Costs vary based on table size and the materials desired so please visit our recovering page for further details.

How can I pay for my table?

We can accept a variety of payment methods for your convenience. We accept payment by card, cash or by bank transfer.

All tables require a 20% deposit with the balance paid upon the day of installation.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. We offer a full and transparent price promise meaning the price you see is the price you pay. This is for the full table with your choice of fabric and wood finish, A full accessories set including cues, balls, triangle and chalk. Price also includes delivery and installation so you can get straight in to your first game.

You may notice cheaper prices elsewhere but normally this is for the bare bones table. When you add your choice of fabric, wood finish, balls and accessories, not to mention the shipping and delivery charge, the price will usually skyrocket. Don’t be fooled by shady traders who use hidden prices to pull you in!

If there is a problem with my table what can I do?

Unlike many pool table suppliers we take extra care in making sure your table is perfect. We take a personal approach to supplying your table making sure every detail is exactly what you require. We ask all the necessary questions prior to sale so nothing is left to chance. If something won’t work or is likely to cause problems we will tell you and advise accordingly before you complete your purchase. As a result of this special care for our customers we very rarely run into problems.

In the unlikely event of a problem please don’t hesitate to contact us in store or over the phone at 01698 283 283. We’ll help you resolve any problems quickly and without any hassle.

Pool / Snooker Table Room Size Guide


Table Type Using 48″ Cue Using 54″ Cue Using 57″ Cue
Inches cm Inches cm Inches cm
6×3 Pool Table 162×132 411×335 174×144 442×366 180×150 457×381
7×4 Pool Table 171×135 434×343 183×147 465×373 189×163 480×389
8×4 Pool Table 183×141 465×358 195×153 495×389 201×168 511×427
7ft American 179×139 455×353 191×151 485×384 197×151 500×427
8ft American 188×144 478×366 200×156 508×396 206×162 523×411
9ft American 200×149 508×378 212×161 538×409 218×167 554×424
6×3 Snooker Table 168×132 427×335 180×144 457×366 186×150 472×381
7×3’6″ Snoker Table 180×138 457×351 192×150 488×381 198×156 503×396
8×4 Snooker Table 192×144 489×366 204×156 518×396 210×162 533×411
9×4’6″ Snoker Table 204×150 518×381 216×162 549×411 222×168 564×427
10×5 Snooker Table 216×156 549×396 228×168 579×427 234×174 594×442
12×6 Snooker Table 240×168 610×427 252×180 640×457 258×186 655×472