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  1. British and English Slate Traditional Pub Pool Tables

The traditional British / English Pool table is smaller than an American table and is played using slightly smaller balls and narrower pockets. The table surface is made of wool and is “napped” meaning that it has a slightly hairy texture which serves to slow the balls as they roll.

The English game is fun, challenging and tactical requiring control and forethought and is likely to be the version of the game most familiar to the UK player.

Free English Slate Pub Pool Table Accessories

All our tables come with free accessories including cues, pool balls, triangle and chalk to help you start your game straight away. Deluxe Accessory Packs also available to complete ensure longevity and look of your pool table.

For full range of accessories please click here.

Free English Slate Pub Pool Table Delivery

We deliver all of our pool tables free of charge* around the U.K. We recommend using our installation service to safe you doing the heavy lifting. This also ensures an efficient build in a timely manner and a perfectly level playing surface so you can enjoy your game without any inconveniences.

*Some areas excluded see terms and conditions.


What size of English slate pub pool table will fit in my room?

Please refer to our table size guide below or view chart on all our product pages. Still not sure? Please use our online chat or phone our experts for some reassurance. Contact Us Page

36″ Cues are available and great for younger pool players or tight corners/spaces (see accessories page).

Not recommended for adults as playability can be restrictive if used for the duration of your game.

57” Full Size Cue